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Glitch in subscription: image content only partial

A report has a subscription associated to it, and when the subscription kicked off at its automatic Monday 8:30am time, the email it generated contained only the top left hand corner of the report view. After seeing this issue, I clicked on the subscription's manual "run now" and when it ran, it contained the full one page view of the report as it should. Why did it cut off the image in the first run?

Note: I am not referring to any scrolling on the report (its a very simple report that has no scrolling at all), I am saying it only sent 25% of the page's image. Also, the report refresh was completed well before the 8:30 am email and so the report did not change between the two times.

Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. If it persists, you may create a support ticket for assistance.