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Getting additional page size in the Power BI Service

Hi Team,


There seems to be a bug in Power BI Service. The report is working fine in the desktop.

When we were developed the reports in the power bi desktop, the report page sizes are set to the custom width and height and being used several visuals in the page accordingly and published the report into workspace.

when we are opening the report in the power bi service, we are getting additional page size across all the pages in the report.

I have verified that this issue is across all my reports on power bi service.


I am posting this issue here. Kindly resolve this bug ASAP.

Note: we did not face this issue previously, this is happening since couple of days.

Please find the screenshot for more reference.


 report bug.png




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Hi @nagarjunareddy,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Please open the same report in Power BI desktop, click on the View-> Page View-> Actual Size, scroll horizontally and vertically to see if there is actual blank page at the bottom of the page. 


Also you can try to publish our test report to your Power BI service and check if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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 Hi Qiuyun Yu,


Thanks for your response. I've downloaded the "test report" and published the report in my workspace.

when i set the page view to "Actual size" the report page is showing properly.Actual Size.jpg


But when i set the page view to "Fit to width",the report page is showing additional grey space in the page


fit to width.jpg


Appreciate if you can help to resolve this issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Nagarjuna reddy


Hi @nagarjunareddy,


This is due to the view is Actual Size when you publish the report to Power BI service. Please change view to Fit to Width in Power BI desktop and save the report, publish to Power BI service again. The additional page is gone. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Team,


We are facing space bug issue in Power BI Report, The report page is not fit to page width, taking some extra space in the bottom of the report page.


Reason: We have created multiple reports, For example: (If we have two report pages in the dataset, First one is larger width and second one is lesser width, If we view the first report and going to the second one the page is taking additional space based on the first report width). It is not fit to the page width.


The screenshot is attached below,Please do the needful.




If any help on this scenario which will be very helpful.



Premkumar S