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Getting a message that only Pro Members can access my Dashboards

Hi there,


since today I have noticed a message that only Pro Members can access my Dashboards.



This is a big issue now, as most of the people who should see those dashboards have a free lizence. Does anybody know why this changed over night?

Thank you in advanced





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Hi Lina,


Unfortunately it's not an overnight change, but still a shocking surprise as the communication was not clear what it was sent out.

Changes to PowerBI Free was announced on 03/05/2017 that dashboard sharing will no longer be part of Power BI Free, but will still be available with Power BI Pro. Unfortunately this communication was misleading as I thought that you cannot share, but still able to view dashboard what is shared with you. I have powerbi pro license and I shared dashboards with many people who uses free license to view and now they can’t view it anymore and it was not stated in the e-mail that you cannot view shared dashboards anymore.

I actually raised it with my IT support within our company, but there was no straight answer, only that they are negotiating contract with Microsoft.


Sorry that I could not help much, that's all I know.


Regards, Szilárd

PWBI license change.JPG

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Hi Szilárd,


thanks for you answer. My understanding was also that people with a Free licence can still view.




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As long as your free user accounts were created prior to the announcement, they should be able to log in as normal and click the "Activate" button to activate an extended Pro trial that lasts until May 2018, per the screenshot above.  


Both sides have to be Pro for shared dashboards as of yesterday but the extended Pro trial mitigates this for a while at least.  So just have your free account clients activate the trial.


One caveat: I noticed an issue with out-of-tenant shared dashboards this morning (even when both sides are Pro) and I'll be creating a new ticket on this if I can't find an existing one.  Looks like a 401 Unauthorized browser error causing the problem.  You should still take the steps to active the 1 year Pro trial, but even after doing so you may run into the blinking Power BI logo issue.  

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You need a Power BI Pro license to share your dashboard, and those you share it with do, too.

Please refer to following document.


We can also use the new introduced Power BI Premium. Power BI Premium introduces expanded licensing flexibility to help organizations equip users with the appropriate level of access to the Power BI service based on their unique needs. For example, many organizations contain users who aren’t actively creating BI content, but require the ability to consume content distributed to them. Power BI Premium enables Power BI Pro users to publish reports broadly across the enterprise and beyond, without requiring recipients to be licensed per user.


Now we can also activate the Extended Pro Trial according to


Best Regards,

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Thanks for the updates.


For me a corporate/company license is the applicable, so that PowerBi premium.


On the otherhand when my colleagues signed up the trial version now and they've been using it for a while, it's offered only 60 days and not 1 year for sure. I've seen this the count back on there screen starting with 59 days.


Anyhow, I already reached out to our IT department/management.


Regards, Szilárd