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Getting Exception :Oops, we couldn't find the page you were looking for

Hello Guys,

I am integrating the power bi dashboards & tiles in my web app.I sucessfully integtared the tiles in web app but when i see the tile i am getting  message in iframe "Oops, we couldn't find the page you were looking for"


PowerBi_Issue.pngAlso i have checked the console in chrome i saw the following errors 




If i open this tile in power bi web app ,i can view that tile . I have attached report to that tiles in dashboard.That report contain images.


Aslo i have integrated the report in my web app.Then that report showed me the images.It's completlly working but if integrating as tiles then it's not working.


Please give me the solution.


Thanks & regards,





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The error in your case usually would be caused by not specifying the corret groupid, dashboardid and tileid.

Please double comfirm that those ids are correct in your case. You can test with this html file.


By the way, is the tile a pinned live page of the report mentioned in your case? If so, the live page tile is not supported to embed at this moment.



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Hi @Shambhuraje maybe this same problem is related here:


Please, verifiy if is the same as yours. They are trying to fix that on 31st August.

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I am still seeing this to be an issue, User generated dashboard in D365 surfacing a tile from Power BI App. it works initially then 3-5 days later it seems the tile/ dash show as "Deleted". If I chose the Power BI dash/ tile again in Dash>Edit I can edit the component and swithc it back/ get it to work.