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Getting Error while trying Incremental Refresh

Hi All,


I am trying to use new Incremental Refresh feature, i am getting the below error. Does anyone facing the same?

My Data Source which i am trying currently is the Excel Files.


Error getting value from 'DataType' on 'Microsoft.PowerBI.Client.Windows.Modeling.Measure'.



Dhawal Mehta

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So, I had the same issue and fixed it by going through all of my measures. Some of the steps I took might be easier or harder for you depending on how you have your information segregated. As a bit of background, my entire report is reliant on six interrelaed fact tables and about 30 dimensions tables. I have all of my measures organized into separated logical groups based on the fact tables in question or the context of the page where those measures will be used.


Here are the exact steps I took.


  1. Go through all of my dax queries and made sure every single column had the appropriate data type applied. I read somewhere that Int64 might cause issues with incremental refreshes, so I repled all Int64.Type functions with "type number" functions. That didn't fix it.
  2. Then I went through all of my columns in the main Power BI data tables (Power Pivot tables instead of Power Query). I again made sure that all data types were appropriately identified. There were quite a few instance where a text column in power query was listed as "General" or a number column in Power Query listed as "General". I fixed all of those. That did nothing.
  3. Then I went through all of my measures and made sure their data types were correctly identified and I didn't have any open ended divides. Found four open ended divide formulas. (This is when you don't indicate what the system is supposed to do in the event of an error. Still not fixed.
  4. Then I used daxformatter on every single measure and calculated column I had to make sure I didn't miss anything. Still no luck.
  5. Then I made a copy of my PBIX and deleted all of the tables that housed my measures. That fixed it. So then reset and deleted groups of two tables until I found the table of measures that was causing the issue. Then I went through and deleted groups of four measures until I hit the one that caused the issue. I've narrowed it down to one measure. I don't know what about that measure is causing the issue, so I just made a new one using different syntax and have the whole thing working fine.


Hope this helps someone and apologies for the long post.