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Generated Month-over-month is incorrect/unexpected behaviour

This is the generated code


GP MoM% = 

However if I look at the end of a month at a daily granularity, say for ex 30 & 31st May its calculating a percentage for both using the Value of April 30th as there is no April 31st. Should it not be blank instead?

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Hi @eugeneniemand,


Please share pbix file with us. Do remove sensitive data before sharing. 


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Qiuyun Yu

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Please see PBIX here :


You will notice that the two Expected columns are blank for 31st May

The values for each day is a follow:

  • April = Day of the Month
  • May = Day of Month + 10

You will also notice using the Date Add function I get the value 30 i.e. 30th April's value is repeated for May 31st. Also Previous Month is showing the Total For april at every day. 


My question is can I get the expected behaviour without the complicated logic in my measures using just time intelligence funtions