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Gateway usage in Power BI Service Refresh Process


We have been running powerbi with a gateway for over a year now. In this time we occasionally get the following 'scheduled refresh has been paused message' We understand why and appreciate the feedback loop; however only those that publish the data set is getting this message. When developers leave the company, is there a way; or best practices to set up a 'service' account that can also be included in an email distribution list so our entire team is aware when a data set refresh has been paused?

Anyone else run into this and what are some plausable solutions for this? Is there a method to change the 2 month default behavior or add an additional email account?



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Hi @Echo5Tango,


I'm afraid it's not possible to change this default behavior if the dataset related are inactive for two months. The email about 'scheduled refresh has been paused message' is sent to dataset owner currently and we are not able to customize another recipient. 


In your scenario, one workaround could be taking the ownership of the dataset by other person who are working in the company. When he/she receive this kind of email, then inform your team.  


You can also submit a idea here:


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Qiuyun Yu 

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