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Gateway issue: The gateway is either offline or could not be reached.

Hi, please can you help me with this?

1. The gateway standard mode 3000.45.7 was installed on my local PC using which I could push data from my SAP BW to Power BI via a specific gateway cluster.  With this I need to keep my laptop running to run the scheduled refreshes.

2. Hence I started installing the same on a server. There I tried to chose the option to migrate, restore or takeover option as I have already created a gateway cluster. The installation was not successful.

3. Now the gateway cluster on my local PC got correpted.  When I try to test the connection, I see the following error:

None of gateway instances within this cluster are connected. Please find more details below about specific errors for each gateway instance.

When I go to detailed message it shows: The gateway is either offline or could not be reached.

The "migrate, restore or takeover" is clearly not successful but my old cluster is no usable any more. 

How can I revive my old cluster? Also, the service "on-premises data gateway service" continue to be in the state of running. I am unable to change it.


How can I repair this now?

Many thanks. Ram


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Community Support



Try to restart the gateway and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.