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Gateway error "Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request"

Hey guys,


I have been trying to implement incremental refresh for the first time in one of my reports. I keep getting this error again and again and nothing much. It refreshes fine in my desktop version but in service it's jut not happening. Please help me out!

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Community Support Team

Hi @Mo7490 ,


What is your data source? Do you use gateway? If so, please update gateway to the latest version. 


Would you please share gateway log files? As the refresh is failed, there should be a error message with RequestID and ClusterURI, please share this information.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team
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Hey @v-yulgu-msft  Thanks for your response. I'm using the latest gateway version and the data source is SQL server. I managed to figure out what's causing the issue but don't know the solution to it. It's a pivot step in the query - It transforms the rows to columns right and now these columns are not in the actual rowset. So when I run the incremental refresh, Power BI expects the SQL table to have those columns and there are just not there. This begs the question - does incremental refresh support pivot operation or not? 


Note: Query is folding and folded query successfully executing in the SQL server too.

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Hey can you give me a solution to this please?