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Gateway Update Causes DataFormat.Error on Refresh

After updating to the August 2018 Data Gateway, we are unable to refresh any of our reports. We get a DataFormat.Error and the refresh fails almost immediately. The only fix that we've found is to revert back to the February 2018 version. All of our data is stored in an Access Databse.




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Are you able to create new connections that work? Do non-Access ones work?


Hi @istudent,


Would you please update your on-premise data gateway to the latest version 14.16.6808.1 which released on 9/12/2018 to see if the refresh still failed? I tested with this latest gateway version , the refresh is completed successfully. 


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Qiuyun Yu


@v-qiuyu-msft we have the same issue when we updated the On-premises data gateway from Nov '17 to Oct '18, also with MS Access databases as source. Could you please have a look into this?


We had only set refreshes up on reports that use (amongst others) MS Access as a source a day before, which was working fine apart from the fact that the date formats on the reports started showing as as MM/dd/yyyy instead of our European standard dd/MM/yyyy after we refreshed via the Gateway. I saw that the settings on the server we use to host the gateway were all United States, so I changed that to be United Kingdom. But no luck there in getting the desired date format.

I then upgraded the gateway from Nov' 17 to Oct '18, after which we started getting these error messages on the data set refreshes for reports that (a.o.) use the (for us) new MS Access as source.

Uninstalling the Gateway and then re-installing the Nov '17 version still shows it's the Oct '18 version though?!


@v-qiuyu-msft After further investigation, I think these date errors and format mix-ups might have to do with the fact that the gateway itself is deployed in the 'North Central US' region? Our head office is in that region. But as per the screen print below we can't pick one ourselves due to the restrictions listed?


P.S. dates were not just the other format shown in the reports, but it changed 5th March to 3rd May.


gateway region.png