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Gantt chart buggin after update

I'm facing a really annoying bug after the past update in the Gantt Chart visual (v 1.14.2). I have "Soft start" and "Hard start" dates in my data as columns, they both have to appear in the chart, so I'm unpivoting them with power query to show in different rows in the chart, categorizing each one in another column to put it in the Legend field. PS: All rows have a value for soft start, but not every one has a hard date.


It was working fine, but since the last update, only the "Soft start" appears when there is no filter selected. When I put a filter and select "Hard start", the hard dates appear just fine, but if Soft and Hard are selected, or none are, only the soft appear. It also broke the interaction with other visuals: if there is Hard and Soft start for a data, when I select it in the Gantt visual to filter the other visuals in the same page, they bug and show "The duplicate expressions in the In filter do not have identical values. They cannot be deduped".


Is this happening with anyone else?

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Hi @luigitol,


Would you please share a pbix file for us to reproduce the issue? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I can duplicate this error message with two stacked bar charts.


Each chart has a value for the axis, and the count of another value for the value field.  With both charts, I am able to click and ctrl-click values to cross filter things.


In one of the charts, I add the same value used in the axis as the legend, then turn the legend off.  Effectively, I have the same chart as before, but all the bars are now different colors.  By clicking and ctrl-clicking to cross filter by two things (same as before), I can get at least one of the charts to fail to display with the error message shown in the original post.  If there are other visuals on the page, all of them also fail.




Currently, there are two work arounds for this.  The first is that I duplicate the column used for the axis, and use this duplicated column in the legend.  The second is that I don't use a legend at all, and set colors individually.


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September 2018

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2.62.5222.761 (18.09) (x64)

Error Message:
The duplicate expressions in the In filter do not have identical values. They cannot be deduped.

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