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Gantt 2.2.3 legend problem

I am using the Gantt 2.2.3 and I need the legend to distiguish between two types of schedule we use for our projects (BL and Actual)

The legend works fine (ish) until the start dates for the two categories in legend are the same. Here is what I mean: 

screenshot 1.png

in the 1. case it works just fine and showing the BL schedule (yellow) and Actual Schedule (blue) correctly - in this case both, the start and the finish date for the BL and Actual Schedule are different.


3. case is a bit problematic, but does not display faulty view at least: in this case start and finish dates for Actual and Baseline Schedule are the same. (this becomes a bit of a problem when a project does not have Baseline Schedule assigned, then it displays them the same - seeming that also the project without BL schedule has BL schedule and the dates are the same as in actual schedule...) However this is not the biggest problem, but  would be nice if it could show the line under "shadow" showing that the BL and Actual dates are the same.



here the start of BL and actual schedule is the same, BUT the finish is different, but the legend is not showing that! This is a very big problem as it shows faulty data. 

screenshot 2.png

(just an example dates)


I have build this view with another gantt chart - Gantt Chart byt MAQ Software and is shows the data correctly and also many testing has been done and there is no mistake in the data. 





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Community Support

Hi @AU555


The sample data you provided seems not able to produce the same result as your first image. Please provide complete data and clarify how to create the Gantt visual with these fields. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Frequent Visitor

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft 

I have made a sample data to show the error in the gantt chart. Here is the link to to PBI file:



You can see there what I described in the original post: the task 2 is where the error is: they have the same start date but different end date, however that is not displayed in the gantt chart which created faulty view which cannot be used!!

Task 3 is also a bit wierdly displayd, as I believe when these two dates are the same (BL and Actual) the gantt chart should be in "shade" to dsiplay that these dates are over each other. - as in some cases it is possible there is not BL date assigned to the task, which then looks the same as if BL date would be there and would be same as actual date. 

2020-04-21 15_59_32-gantt error - Power BI Desktop.png

Community Support

Hi @AU555


I can see the issue in your pbix file as well. To work around the issue, you can drag the [bl vs actual] field from legend bucket to Parent bucket. 




For your issue, I would suggest you post an issue here as suggested here




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu