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Gantt 2.0.2 measure for start date

I want to use the Gantt 2.0.2 visual while also using a PowerBi dataset as a source (meaning I can't create new columns or tables in the data)


I created 2 measures that show the start date and the end date per task and both are formated as a date. While I can use my end date measure, the visual will not take my start date (I assume because it expects a column) and defaults the start of all tasks for today.


Please help!


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @olgaia


Based on my research, the Gantt chart doesn't support use a measure in Start Date bucket. For your requirement, please post a idea here:


To work around the issue, you can try to use the custom visual Gantt Chart by MAQ Software, it supports measures in Start Date bucket or End Date bucket. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu