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Gantt 2.0.0 has issues - June 2019 update


  1. The data lables position defaults to "Inside" in gantts created under the old version.
  2. The today line, only goes halfway when the label position "top" is chosen
  3. The scroll bar cannot be removed - I am getting a scroll bar when before, I wasn't. It is not needed, the entire chart is in view.
  4. The gridlines cannot be removed. Could we have a option to remove them?
  5. The colors cannot be changed, it is making whatever color you choose lighter. Could we have an option to keep the colors you selected? There is no need for the lighter color when the data labels are on top.
  6. Until all of this is resolved, could we please have the old gantt so that we can continue to generate reports without these bugs?


Status: Accepted
Helper I

I'm headed into a meeting in 30 minutes, and only just noticed the Gantt regression 😞

There's a lot not to like about it (although I'm sure it will get better over the months) but my main gripe are the grid lines that slice through everything. They can be turned off, but at the expense of your lefthand "Category Labels" 😞


Agree with the OP - please let us continue using the old Gantt until they bring the new one up to speed.

Helper II

Mine is all black 😞


2019-07-09 16_30_10-Window.png

Helper II

Also completion bar is gone?

Regular Visitor

So many and bad changes!! How could this be released??? Smiley Surprised 


Someone thought that everybody should use Task Settings -> Height =50


The completion bar is gone, instead the task bar has a lighter color first and then gets filled with the chosen color. Please let us choose between this and the old behavior!


And. Let. Me. Remove. The. Scroll. Bar!!!

Community Support

Hi @Alexamiadc


1. In my opinion, it should be a change recently. 

2. I can reproduce this issue on my side, I will report this issue later when I confirm with you about other related issues. 

3. Which scroll bar do you mean? If we can see the gantt chart content completely at a glance, there is no scroll bar. 

4. I can reproduce this issue on my side as well, I will report this issue later when I confirm with you about other related issues. 

5. Not very clear what you mean. Please share some screenshots to clarify it. Do mask sensitive information before uploading. 

6. Sorry I don't have previous version gantt pbiviz file. 


@Jase71ds Please see above point 4 and 6. 

@6mon @pbengtss I have created a simple report with gantt chart, please modify the report to reproduce your issues, save the change and share the updated report with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Regular Visitor


Here is your report with the following changes:

1. I made the Gantt chart slightly smaller = scroll bar appears in the bottom og the chart. Even when filtered to only one Start Date. It really should be possible to avoid that.

2. Task height set to 25 as I want it. If you remove the date filter for the visual you will see what I mean.


Question: How did you get the filters to appear as an own pane next to Fields and Visualizations? My filters are always in the bottom of the Visualizations pane and I can't figure out how to move them to their own pane.

Regular Visitor

Hello Qiuyun, here is more info. I hope this helps.



3. When a report has additional information but the size of the box containing it is too small a scroll bar automatically appears, either vertically or horizontally. In this case it is appearing horizontally; howover there is still white space after the chart ends.

scroll bar is not neededscroll bar is not needed


5. Capture2.PNGCapture3.PNG


5. I selected the colors in picture two, but the tasks are a lighter color now. They used to be the same dark color as selected.


When do you expect this report will be fixed? This is critical for me as I have reports that I am periodically moving up in this format. 


Thank you in advance,



Helper II

What boggles me the most is why does the visualisation changes when power bi updates ?? I assumed the point of a downloadable custom visual (which has its own version number!) would be to somewhat 'freeze' the version. Am I making sense?

Regular Visitor


I could not agree more. We should be able to chose the update, rather than automtically applying them to all of our official reports. We are left with no change control in this prcess. Thankfully, my team does .pdfs of our reports, but if we didn't we would have bugs on all of our historical data. That is not a good practice.


Community Support

Hi all, 


I have reported below issues internally: CRI 132594406. Will keep you update here. 


1. If we set the Label Position as Top, the today line goes halfway.

2. There is no option to remove gridlines only without affecting other settings. We can turn off Category Labels to remove gridlines, but the category labels on the left disappears.

3. Though Gantt chart content is visible completely at a glance, there is a horizontal scroll bar.

4. The completion bar is gone, instead the task bar has a lighter color first and then gets filled with the chosen color. 

5. The customers would like to manually choose whether to update Gantt custom visual when the new version is available, they also want the previous Gantt version to rollback when the new version has issues.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu