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Gantt 2.0.0 has issues - June 2019 update


  1. The data lables position defaults to "Inside" in gantts created under the old version.
  2. The today line, only goes halfway when the label position "top" is chosen
  3. The scroll bar cannot be removed - I am getting a scroll bar when before, I wasn't. It is not needed, the entire chart is in view.
  4. The gridlines cannot be removed. Could we have a option to remove them?
  5. The colors cannot be changed, it is making whatever color you choose lighter. Could we have an option to keep the colors you selected? There is no need for the lighter color when the data labels are on top.
  6. Until all of this is resolved, could we please have the old gantt so that we can continue to generate reports without these bugs?


Status: Accepted
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Thank you Qiuyn, much appreciated! Whenever you can, could you please update us on expected timelines? With the bugs, the visuals are unusable for us so we won't be able to refresh those reports until those are fixed. 

Thanks again,


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Additionally, adding the milestones hides the task bar.

Helper I


When I click the Milestone options - there is nothing there other than a "Revert to default" link.

Advocate I

I noticed a few more issues:

  1. I cannot get the % completed bar to work anymore. When I add a measure to % Completed, it filters the data as opposed to showing the completion line 
  2. Can't get rid of the scroll bar at the bottom - not a train-smash - but a bit anoying 
  3. Cannot hide the tooltips.
Community Support

Hi all, 


ETA for the new version is August, 6. I got information below: 


We’re still collecting issue reports from users and the following known bugs/requests we’ll be included into the next release August, 6

  1. Add an option to disable grid lines.
  2. Hide horizontal scrollbar when it’s possible.
  3. The colors cannot be changed, it is making whatever color you choose lighter

As an alternative solution we can suggest Cx to build custom version of GanttChart from the source code (it’s free and open):


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu