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GDPR Personal Data message popup



Tried to post an idea to  and got a popup message saying "Action Required" - which is about consent to store personal data. Clearly a GDPR issue in the UK as compliance is required from today.


It has two options and you need to choose one of them. Except you can't - there's no checkbox, the Submit is inactive and the whole thing is greyed out.


Looks like someone hasn't tested this live....!


Anyone else in the UK getting this error today?



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I have the same problem, I cant click anywhere on the screen and I cannot use the ideas page if I am signed in.

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Exact same issue for me, tried  in Chrome, IE and Edge, none seemed to work!

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At least it's not greyed out anymore and you can press the Submit button. However you still can't choose an option - so I don't know if I'm deleting my information or consenting to it! Hilarious.


I shall not be clicking on Submit until they fix it properly!


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Seems to be fixed now!