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Format String YYYY not evaluated correctly on continious Chart Axis, Dangerous Visual Impact

Format String yyyy not evaluated on a Bar Chart Axis


It works in a Table and in a Legend but not on Axis.


Strange is that "mmm yy" works. But for "yyyy" is shows Dec 31 for 31.12.2020 instead of 2020.


I did this instead of a year column as integer or nvarchar because of this Tip from Alberto Ferrari:







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In the Format section of the Visualizations pane, expand the X axis card and change the Type option from Continuous to Categorical.

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Thanks, this is working, but actually then i loose the benefit that all Years will always fit into the Visual. 

It is working with Month, but honestly strange:



I will comment this also to the Video from Alberto. First i was impressend now it is feeling dangerous. But with categorical it is more save currently. 


Edit: Also a Line Chart with Continuous can lead to a wrong visual impact: 



 So currently Categorical is obligatory. But then i miss the effect that only every second or third Month is displayed in case that the Visual is small.  

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Update: I changed the month to the 1st Month instead of EOMONTH as Alberto recommends in his Video then it is working for Month: 




Same I tried for Year (1.1.Year insted of 31.1.Year) then it is working too: 




But Years are difficult, if you have filtered only few Years then month Names appear and it looks like this: