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Font Size NOT retained on Copy/Paste of Card Visual

I have two models, neither of which are using a Theme file. One model (the 'source') has native SQL queries. The 'destination' model is connected live to SQL Analysis Tabular model. Both models have the same meta data, for the most part.

I COPY and PASTE a Card visual from one to another (source to destination). The source card is formatted with Data Label Text Size = 27 pt. What I get when pasted is Data Label Text Size = 45.


What is going on? Does COPY/PASTE from on model to another NOT take the formating as well? Frustrated that I have to re-format all these tiles now.

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I tried the latest version(2.84.981.0) and it seems to work fine for me.

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Hello @v-chuncz-msft 

I too am running 2.84.981.0 (Windows Store version 64 bit). I did a simple test just now with two models, both had manually entered data. In this case, yes, the formatting comes over.


But in my case, were one model is SQL Queries and one model is an SSAS Tabular Model, the formatting does NOT come over.


If you want to replicate the test you would need to do the following:

  1. Create SQL database, table and load some data.
  2. Create a Power BI model and pull data directly from that table.
  3. Create a Card visual on the page. Format the Data Label Font Size to something other than the default of 45. We'll call this setup the 'Source'
  4. Create an SSAS Tabular Model (I use Visual Studio 2019 and the SSAS Tabular Project Marketplace Extension). Set the Compatibility to 1500 (SQL 2019)
  5. Create a Data Source (NOT Legacy style) connected to the SQL database from Step 1 above.
  6. Add the table from the Data Source, same as in Step 1. Make sure everything is named the same (same table name, same column name).
  7. Deploy the model to an SSAS instacne. Process it.
  8. Create a Power BI model connected to this Tabular database. We'll call this the 'Destination'
  9. To test: Copy the Card visual from the SOURCE to the DESTINATION. Since the meta-data is the same, and everything points back to the same base SQL data, you should get the same VALUE, but formatting will be different. 

At least that is what I saw.