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Focus Mode Issue

A very bizarre issue.

I have a report with a single page having size 1600 X 4000 px. I have around 20-22 charts in the page including bar and pie charts.

A glimse of my report below.

When I click on the Focus Mode of a bar chart, the bar chart gets focused, which is fine. However, when I click on the back button and go back to the normal view, the other bar charts disappear looking like below. 


When I try the same in another page with the default page size, everything works fine.


Looks like a really irritating bug! Please do something about it Microsoft.

Status: New
Community Support

@simrantuli ,


I have made a test but could not reproduce this issue. Have you updated power bi to the latest version? If this issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 



Jimmy Tao



Jimmy Tao

Continued Contributor

Thanks Jimmy. I will create a support ticket.