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Fluctuating run-time for Dataset refresh in Power BI service (Long data-set refresh time)

My Power BI report dataset takes a long time to refresh in the service. The time fluctuates a lot ranging from 25 seconds to over 10 minutes sometimes, while the size of the data remains the same. This can be understood with the help of this log:

Start DateStart timeEnd DateEnd timeTime taken
3/19/20193:00:01 PM3/19/20193:03:39 PM03:38
3/19/20192:40:01 PM3/19/20192:52:14 PM12:13
3/19/20191:40:01 PM3/19/20192:03:40 PM23:39
3/18/201910:35:41 PM3/18/201910:36:10 PM00:29
3/18/201910:32:30 PM3/18/201910:33:36 PM01:06
3/18/20198:47:13 PM3/18/20198:48:10 PM00:57
3/18/20198:44:20 PM3/18/20198:44:53 PM00:33
3/18/20194:00:02 PM3/18/20194:00:33 PM00:31
3/18/20193:50:01 PM3/18/20193:50:32 PM00:31
3/18/20193:40:01 PM3/18/20193:40:29 PM00:28
3/18/20193:00:00 PM3/18/20193:00:29 PM00:29
3/18/20192:50:00 PM3/18/20192:50:26 PM00:26
3/18/20192:40:01 PM3/18/20192:42:58 PM02:57
3/18/20192:00:01 PM3/18/20192:04:26 PM04:25
3/18/20191:40:01 PM3/18/20191:53:37 PM13:36
3/18/20191:09:39 PM3/18/20191:11:07 PM01:28
3/17/20194:00:00 PM3/17/20194:00:33 PM00:33
3/17/20193:50:00 PM3/17/20193:50:25 PM00:25
3/17/20193:40:01 PM3/17/20193:40:43 PM00:42
3/17/20193:00:01 PM3/17/20193:00:38 PM00:37
3/17/20192:50:01 PM3/17/20192:50:36 PM00:35
3/17/20192:40:01 PM3/17/20192:42:08 PM02:07
3/17/20192:00:01 PM3/17/20192:00:45 PM00:44
3/17/20191:50:00 PM3/17/20191:50:38 PM00:38
3/17/20191:40:01 PM3/17/20191:43:08 PM03:07
3/16/20194:00:00 PM3/16/20194:00:38 PM00:38
3/16/20193:50:01 PM3/16/20193:50:26 PM00:25
3/16/20193:40:01 PM3/16/20193:40:32 PM00:31

How can this be resolved? 

Status: Delivered

Hi @arit1995


I would suggest you create a support ticket to get dedicated support. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Status changed to: Delivered