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Fix the Excel Power BI add-in to recognize number fields-for use in 'Values' section of pivot table

We have created and published PowerBI datasets - connected via DirectQuery to on-prem SQL Server database. 

We have users who would like to access these PBI datasets via Excel.  We have installed the add-in and users can view all fields.

The problem is -- when trying to create a pivot table -- the numerical fields are not recognized.  So, cannot drag # fields into pivot table.  Those fields appear to be intrepreted as text fields so get the error: 'The field you are moving cannot be placed in that area of the report.'  All text fields (and dates) seem to work fine.

The only way to make this work is to recreate the numerical fields as measures.  But, we have literally hundred of fields -- so are not going to do that.

Please fix this.




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Hi @dancarr22,


Do you use Power BI publisher for Excel add-in? From this article, you can see: 


Dataset must have measures - The dataset must have model measures defined in order for Excel to treat the measures as values in PivotTables, and to correctly analyze the data. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Ok - thanks Qiuyun.


Hope there is a plan in place to not require measures -- and just identify numerical fields as such -- in the future.

This is very incovenient for datasets with a significant # of numerical fields.  Manually creating a measure for every numerical fields is extremely inconvenient.