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First...why do "issues" (I want to report a bug/issue) go to the "New Idea" section???

Ok, aside from the fact that when I navigate to the "issues" area, I for some unknown reason am taken to the "submit an idea" section...that's just dumb.   


My issues are that:  


1.  Bookmarks do not seem to get refreshed...they stay static even if you refresh the browser the new information does not update. 

2.  If you use the "classic" format for PB service, there is definitely a bug if you try to change the name of your can't. 


And third and most annoying, is that Groups that you create in the desktop seem to disappear.   I've had to recreate a group 5 times...and each time I try to edit that group...the ones I created previously have disappeared.    What is going on???


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Hi @texmexdragon


1. Did you mean want to update bookmark? If it is, you need to click on bookmark then select update. See: 




2. Did you mean the classic theme? Based on my test, if the report uses classic report theme, after publishing to Power BI service, it's able to modify bookmark name in report edit mode. 


3. Based on my test in Power BI desktop version 2.76.5678.782 64-bit (December 2019), create a group follow this document, the group is still here after publishing to Power BI service. Please run the same latest Power BI desktop version as ours then test again to see if the same issue occurs. 


By the way, if you have any feedback about using Power BI community forum, you can share it here


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Qiuyun Yu

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For 3 - I have asked about as well - and I appear to not be the only one:


Using the latest version, have tried reinstall/resets, but no joy.