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First icon in a line chart not fully visible



When I add an icon in a line chart to better differentiate the data points, the first circle is only shown half. I wasn't able to fully shown the first circle. Is this something that:

  1. can be fixed?
  2. or controlled with an additional option to add white space between the title and the line chart so the circle can fully be shown?



Line chart.PNG


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Hi @Spetter,


The first marker shows the most greatest value of the line. You can go to the Y-Axis and define End values a little more than greatest value. For example: 




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Qiuyun Yu

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Thanks for the tip but my values can change every day so it is not practical to change this every day. However this would be great if we could add a percentage in this option. For exaple End = 110%

That would add 10% more space for showing the icons on a line. Also negative values like -10% would be needed as the line can start at the bottom of the chart.


Is this something the Power BI team would allow? This would be the perfect workaround!


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