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Firefox 60.8.0ESR not loading Power BI Reports Since 8-11-2019


  • What symptoms are occurring?: We have a confirmed case of Firefox version (60.8.0ESR) not being able to load any of our Power BI reports. We get an almost done icon in the middle of the screen and the report never loads. We have confirmed on multiple end-users and also all test VM's running this same browser version.

  • We have attempted a firefox "Refresh" to remove all users setting and go back to default. This was unsuccessful.

  • Users state that this started happening yesterday, 8-11-2019.

  • We have confirmed that the reports do run in Version 68.0.1;
  • If you are receiving an error message, what are the full details of this error message?: No error message.

  • Can the problem be reproduced on demand or is this intermittent? If so, how?: Reproduced on demand, all end users and all test VM's.

  • If tested, are others having the same issue?: Yes

  • Has this ever worked before?: Yes

Status: New
Regular Visitor

We are having the exact same issue and have successfully reproduced the error using Firefox 60.0.8ESR.

Advocate II

Same here at our 400k-employee enterprise 😞

I assume this might be a Firefox issue rather than a Microsoft issue - is there a forum like this as well where we can raise this issue?

Regular Visitor

On the Firefox issue in lieu of Microsoft. Our records show no changes to our Firefox browser since our SCCM campaign period ended on July 19th and updated our enterprise user browser with the forced upgrade. @ferzfeld 

Frequent Visitor

We had the same problem.

Ask the users to switch to Chrome or Edge and you should be good.


@ChrisA @ferzfeld @lindkj 

Helper I

We can confirm this does not work anymore in FF ESR 60.8.0 while it does work in the mainline FF 68 Version.

However, these are corporate users so switching to Chrome or Mainline Firefox is simply not possible. The root of the issue is with PBI so needs to be fixed there.

Edit: the issue does not happen with the latest ESR Release (68.0.1), but that version is still in qualifying phase and will only be deployed at our company much later this year.

Frequent Visitor

we have a same problem.
any correction predictions?

Regular Visitor

@vaibhavchheda, that's what we've been telling our users to do and it's working. However, switching over to Chrome or Edge should only be a short term workaround, so I'm hoping that Microsoft chimes in here to shed some light on the issue as I'm pretty sure it's related to their support (or lack thereof) of older versions of certain browsers. Mozilla's ESR site even warns about this:

"However, it should be noted that some web applications including popular SaaS like G Suite and Office 365 only support the latest Firefox release"

Regular Visitor

All, we have an open ticket with Microsoft support and hosted a screen share with a support technician to show issue to them yesterday. We have also exported and shared with Microsoft a Fidler export of the HTTPS traffic while trying to load a report via Firefox browser. This was getting routed to the development team for review. No update on ticket as of this post this morning. 

Advocate II

Hello everyone,

thanks for your feedback.


We are naturally telling the user about the workaround using another browser - nevertheless, the new Firefox update will be released at our enterprise in October.


By the way -  users are reporting the same issue when using the Internet Explorer which is still our company standard (11.0.135) - in my opinion this indicates a problem on the Power BI Service side. 


Hopefully Microsoft identifies and fixes the issue very soon... 

Regular Visitor

We also gave our end users the workaround for Chrome and Edge when first identified yesterday morning, just difficult to change user behavior when Firefox is our default based upon a few other enterprise applications we have deployed. 


Fortunately, we deploy all standard browsers to our end users so we have that workaround, couldn't imagine if we didn't. I have coined a term for this, "Browser Roulette", you never know which browser will cause you heartache each day we come to work.