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Firefox 60.8.0ESR not loading Power BI Reports Since 8-11-2019


  • What symptoms are occurring?: We have a confirmed case of Firefox version (60.8.0ESR) not being able to load any of our Power BI reports. We get an almost done icon in the middle of the screen and the report never loads. We have confirmed on multiple end-users and also all test VM's running this same browser version.

  • We have attempted a firefox "Refresh" to remove all users setting and go back to default. This was unsuccessful.

  • Users state that this started happening yesterday, 8-11-2019.

  • We have confirmed that the reports do run in Version 68.0.1;
  • If you are receiving an error message, what are the full details of this error message?: No error message.

  • Can the problem be reproduced on demand or is this intermittent? If so, how?: Reproduced on demand, all end users and all test VM's.

  • If tested, are others having the same issue?: Yes

  • Has this ever worked before?: Yes

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Also seeing this and amazed MS is letting this happen. It is a real pain to tell users to switch browsers when it should work across browswers.



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Same issue in our company, using multiple browser is not an option.


Firefox releases 68.0.2ESR


Update: We found that Firefox posted download files for 68.0.2ESR this morning. Available for download here:


We have downloaded and are in the process of testing all our internal applications for an enterprise push later this week if all testing comes back successful. We don't want to bug out another business app. 


Testing of Power BI Services shows a successful report run in this new version!




Support ticket has come back from Microsoft Power BI Support with a confirmed bug. They do have a workaround. Open browser developer tools and in the console set variable for event equal to undefined.




I have tested and it works for the user's session. Once you set the variable a user can browse multiple reports. I know this is not a great workaround for end-users, but if you have a power user that needs immediate access and has no other browsers available this will work. 


They said bug ticket has been filed with the development team and a fix is slated for the mid-September release. 


We are in the process of upgrading all users to 68.0.1ESR which was released from Ivanti for our SCCM deployment. 




@lindkjThank you so much for sharing this!

I can confirm this works, which is great.

However, please note that the correct syntax is:



That is everything in lower case, not Event=Undefined as originally posted.



@dibaSFP  I have updated my original post. Thanks for the heads up.


We have had users report the same issue.