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Filter with Select All = OFF still selects ALL

If you add a basic filter to a report and set it so that SELECT ALL = OFF, the filter still defaults to select all.


If you clear the filter, it goes back to select ALL.


It seems like it should have a "selection required" option and if nothing is selected then the report won't return any data until that is done.


Example:  Below is a page just loaded, the filter defaulted to ALL 

No selections.PNG




Then I go and pick one of the options in the filter:

One Selection.PNG



Now the page filters to just show Europe, so far so good there.



Then I go and CLEAR the filter, it should NOT clear to "ALL" because SELECT ALL = OFF.


cleared selection.PNG



SINGLE SELECT = ON (which means you can't have more than 1 selection which is fine).


However, there needs to be a SELECTION REQUIRED so that nothing happens until a selection is made.


Then the filter would default NOT to "ALL" but something like "Please select a value" or something similar.


There does not appear to be any way around this, and creating new duplicate measures for every single column of data to display to check to see if a filter is selected and show BLANK is not really viable.

Status: Delivered

Hi @OneWithQuestion,


The feature Show "Select All" option is for showing Select All in the slicer visual or not. See: 




Currently, if the slicer doesn't have any value selected, the report will show all data by default. If you would like to have a feature to turn off all selection by default, you can submit a idea here


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu



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Status changed to: Delivered