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Filled Map misplaced regions


I've been using the visualization Filled Map on my reports for quite a while and never had problems. However, about 3-4 weeks ago one of the reports that use this visualization is displaying misplaced information. No one has touched the report, it was working fine till the date described. The command was to fill in with x colour the province of British Columbia (BC) in Canada. However, now the province of BC appears to be in Mexico in Baja California. Also, Alaska is displaying names as Brazil, Peru, Colombia etc.

What's happening? Are there any updates in progress that are affecting the visual? error2.PNGmap error1.PNG

Status: New
Community Support Team

@tqueirozcamarg ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce your issue. The filled map works well on my side. Please make sure power bi version is latest. If this issue persists, I would suggest you to create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao