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Filled Map Inaccuracies

We have been seeing several inaccuracies in geo location with Filled Maps.  Things that work in Bing Maps, not working in Power BI.    For example, zip code 21013 is near Baltimore and correctly located in Bing, but power BI places it at the centroid of the USA.


In addition, Power BI doesn't do as well with noise in the the address, like a company name, whereas Bing handles that.  I thought they were driven by the same engine.

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try this :


For US zip codes, whole number works for plotting with the appropriate data category.


Get the zipcode list to work in visualization by using the advance editor and changing the zipcode data type to "text"


Hope this will help




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Thanks.   Whole numbers do work for this zipcode, we were trying to include the country as when we list just the 5 digit codes some resolve in Europe. So our location code was “United States, 21013” which seems to work for all zips except this one.   I then tried to break into Country, PostalCode and added both into the location fields, but now it shows all records at the center of the country.  Currently the data looks like this, with the first two fields added to the location in that order.





United States



United States




Hi @paivers


Based on my test in Power BI desktop version 2.68.5432.661 64-bit (April 2019), if we set the Data Category for the column PostalCode as Postal Code, the PostalCode values 21013 displays in a correct location. See: 




Please update your Power BI desktop version and set Data Category as Postal Code for the column PostalCode then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu