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Falt File connection


I know how to made connection of flat file with Power BI. Is it possible to automate updated flat file in Power BI for making Reports. For example : I have a requirement like  flat file will come in daily basis, so on this basis the report get updated automatically based on updated flat file.


Also, based on above requirement is it possible with REST Api?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Blad_123


You can create a folder to contain these history file and updated file, then connect to this folder in Power BI desktop and use Combine Files feature. Please make sure file type and structure of these files are the same. Then you can click on Refresh in Power BI desktop or set schedule refresh for the dataset in Power BI service to get updated data. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu



 Thank you for your response it helpfull for me. I need help for On-premises data gateway. I was connection with On-premises data gateway and set all setting on Power BI service create data source and set the schedule time but when new file update in floder schedule was failed gave me this type of error "POC_FlatFile has failed to refresh.
Failure details: The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error. This is usually a transient issue. If you try again later and still see this message, contact support." Is it necessary to use On-premises data gate (Personal Mode) because I am using On-premises data gateway .


Thanks In advance.