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Failure on all Dataflows

I am having major issues with Dataflows. I have been in the process of converting my datasets to use Dataflows. Everything was working fine and refreshing correctly until yesterday. 


Now I have facing 2 issues. 

1) Whenever I go into my Dataflows I am getting a popup upon entering the 'Edit Entities' saying 'Unexpected Error We encountered an unexpected error. Session ID: 8420f19a-888f-4fe7-b7f4-7dd998203091' with the PQ script of all the entities within that Dataflow. (This also occurs if I make a new DF, even if I make one in a different workspace)

2) All DFs that have gone through a refresh cycle now have failure notifications with each entity showing this error message. Error: "Internal error Request ID: d38e71a0-b849-47bf-9ccb-013cc3148062 Activity ID: 79bb75c2-9a06-4f02-9b89-8ae33404569e"


This looks like the error started around 10am on the 30/01/2019.


As far as we can tell at this stage nothing has changed in our environment that may have caused this. Could you please let me know what is the error message that is appearing in your database, as the error message I am getting does not give me any clues about what has happened.


How do I get this working again?


Status: Delivered

Tada, with no actions on our side this seems to have fixed itself.


Would be curious still to know what that error was and if there is anything we can do on our side to prevent this from occuring again.



There is a brief issue with Dataflows (Preview feature) yesterday, some customers may have received an error when refreshing Dataflows entities in North Europe B and West Europe.


Status changed to: Delivered