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Failed to update data source credentials:

We have been having an issue in PowerBI Service where I am unable to set up a scheduled refresh. I keep getting an error message telling me that it failed to update the data source credentials for my dataset.




The report file (.pbix) is published and is linking to a Sharepoint list, when working in PowerBI Desktop I do not have any issues manually refreshing directly from Sharepoint using Organization authentication. It concerns only the published version.



Status: Needs Info


Do you connect to on-premises SharePoint list or SharePoint online list in Power BI Desktop? If you use on-premises SharePoint list, please use Windows authentication in Power BI Desktop, then re-publish PBIX file to Power BI Service and set schedule refresh with gateway.

However, if you use SharePoint online list, please use organizational account in Power BI Desktop and use OAuth authentication in Power BI Service.


Status changed to: Needs Info
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I have a similar issue and was hoping to find a solution here. 
I am using a sharepoint online list and don't see an OAuth option in the Power BI service. 

Helper I

I have a similar issue. 

I connect to excel file on SPO.

When I use desktop app - there is no error.

When I publish it, I can't change credentials. And I can't see OAuth2 authentication method - I can use Windows only.

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do we have any solution for this problem even i cant see oAuth during connection.

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Facing the same problem here.