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Failed to publish excel workbook in BI service but works in BI desktop

Hello all,


 I am attempting to upload a workbook that is being used in my Teams workspace, however when I first attempted to connect I received a 400 error message that indicated it failed to publish this workbook. I then tried moving it around, new folders then directly to SharePoint and then finally attempted this locally to no avail. I've used BI for over two years now and haven't ever experienced anything like this. I finally stood up a VM and installed Power BI Desktop and I could Get Data and import the Excel file as expected.


Unfortunately, this is an issue because I need to use the service and refresh from SharePoint or Teams. I will also likely need to connect through a gateway at some point. I wasn't able to find anything but one article where someone had experienced the same thing and they did not test in BI Desktop. Any ideas or thoughts anyone?

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Update, I opened a support case on this and was informed that my excel workbook contains a malformed URI however when searching the workbook, there are no external sources, hyperlinks or any of the sort. This works in Power BI Desktop fine just not the service and fails to permit me to change the source to an online version after uploading with Desktop. Still awaiting a call on this as I believe this is a bug.


The reference article I used and was provided is:


I still feel this is an ETL process bug or may even be related to another issue.

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Thanks for your update. We understand that the issue may be urgent and you have created a support ticket. Hopefully, it could be resolved soon and it would be great if you could share the solution to help more users.