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Failed refreshes on reports merging data from on-premises gateway with sharepoint online

Since this monday after upgrade to latest on-premises data gateway version, we get refresh failures on some reports with the following error message: 

      "Unable to connect to the data source undefined."

Those reports were not modified and were working fine before gateway update.

The issue can only be reproduced in a report mixing (ex: with a merge) data from both on-premises source and sharepoint online file.

Reports sourcing both these data without any merge run fine.

We cleared credentials, checked all connections were categorized as "Organizational" as advised on similar error message in other threads, but with no success. 

Refresh is successful via Personal data gateway and when downgrading to previous gateway version, I don't get a successful refresh.

I tried to apply the fix referenced on Power BI support page for some TLS/SSL issue but with no success, and this mention has disappeared from the portal since a few minutes:


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@MEEnergy   They just released a patch to the latest gateway. I'm going to try that first.

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No change.  After Trying the patch released on the 2nd, and then trying reverting to October, Same result.

In my case I'm getting GatewayPipelineErrorCode=DM_GWPipeline_Client_OAuthTokenRefreshFailedError.  The dataset is just using dataflows within the PowerBI service.  Dataflows that, I might add, have no problem refreshing.

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@DavisDS85 thanks for the heads up, I was wondering why I had a whole set of dataflow and dataset refreshes blow up even though the VM was up. Here's today's patch:

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@otravers Yeah, that's the one I updated too.  Didn't make a lick of difference.  I've tried everything.  It only seems to be an issue on the Dataflow ones.  When I review the logs the error is an Oath failure to refresh the token.


Originally I had an MFA account which has been found to be "a problem".  Same thing happens with Teams on a mobile when you have to reset your password and you have MFA.  It just stops working.

I had a whole separate utility account created that wasn't MFA solely for this to work and it still has the same error.

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@DavisDS85 something's up with their link, it says it's from today but I get a December 2 version instead. I tried redownloading and reinstalling too to rule out operator error on my end.


I think it's almost an official recommendation from Microsoft that it's better to use service accounts without MFA for this type of automated processes. I've seen similar discussions on the Power Automate side and we came to that conclusion with a couple of my clients.