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Extract Table Using Examples doesn't work properly - August 2020 desktop

I am trying to play with the new Extract Table using Examples usin gthe Austraila.csv file from the Dashboard in a Day course. This is the first screen, which works. 
Power BI Desktop August 2020 2.84.661.0 64 bit from Windows Store.



When I click on Extract Table using Examples, I get this:



I'll admit with no documentation, nor having seen the Aug 2020 blog about the new desktop features (it isn't available yet at the time I am posting this) I may not be using it right, but the "unable to read CSV file" doesn't seem to be a useful error.

I have used it successfully on a TXT file with no delimiters, so the feature does work in some cases.


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Super User VI

FYI it works fine on the Germany.csv file. The Australia file is 86MB whereas the Germany file is under 2MB. Don't know if that is an issue or not. The file format is identical.

Community Support

@edhans ,


I have export a sample csv file without any issue as below. Could you please share a sample file for test?



Jimmy Tao

Super User VI

See if you can get this file. This is the one that causes an error. This link expires Aug 17, 2020. Thanks @v-yuta-msft