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External Pro License users losing access to reports shared with them.

As of yesterday, External pro licesnse users have lost access to a group they are guest members of. They have lost access to all reports and cannot access them even when using a direct link and the 'share' function within PowerBi Service. This has been reproduced on three different accounts. 

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@RMay did you find a workaround for it last time? Or did you just end up waiting for the Microsoft fix?


At the moment I've discovered that when I update the App, it gives them access again. However they then lose access some amount of time later.

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Hi there,


Some guest users reporting that they cannot access content shared with them via external app.

They get this upgrade message. When they click on "not now" PBI never loads.


we had a simliar incident 2 months back.


Why is ther no solution to this yet? 



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@w_squared - apologies for the late reply.  For those that were having issues (and it wasn't all our clients) - I recreated the entire workspace, republished the reports and then the app and it worked without having to repeat the process. However, there does seem to be something buggy there that I wish MS would address.

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@RMay I'm back again...and so is this issue.


Does anyone know if there's a statement from Microsoft on this? For it to happen on a montly basis for a day or two is getting ridiculous.

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Also developed this issue over the last few days AAD guest users with licence assigned have lost App access and when re granted they can get in for 2 secs and then goes again


Support request going in tomorrow i think

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Last time this happened I opened a case with Microsoft and they rolled back the weekly update to a previous version. I am in contact with them again as our externals cannot access. 

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same happened to me, external customer was able to access the report before, nothing was changed on the report nor the gateway, now they can't access to it.

here is a screenshot that their IT sent overaa.png