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External Pro License users losing access to reports shared with them.

As of yesterday, External pro licesnse users have lost access to a group they are guest members of. They have lost access to all reports and cannot access them even when using a direct link and the 'share' function within PowerBi Service. This has been reproduced on three different accounts. 

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@kcantor ,


Can you find the external member in the azure portal?



Jimmy Tao

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My customers are reporting the same problem.

And because of the convulated nature of external sharing,  it's making our organization look incompenent in trying to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.  Especially because it's near impossible to mimick the customer experience without us creating an entirely new external tenent.

So what in Azure are we looking for for people who have been able to access the reports via external sharing but now cannot?

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Is there any progress with this issue? Our customers are reporting the same problem. We have tried to delete the user and add him again which does not help...

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@Alexandre   I have opened a ticket and will update as I can. Just as a note, I am not having the exact same issue as the support page as there is no upgrade message for my external users. Just no access.

From the support page:  Power BI Pro customers trying to access externally shared content from a different Tenant may encounter a message asking to “Upgrade to Power BI Pro”. Engineers have identified the root cause and ETA for a fix is end-of-day 06/07/2020.

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I concur with Kcantor.  Our external users don't receive the upgrade messsage. They just can't get to the content.


I also opened a trouble ticket yesterday, but have not yet been contacted. I'll be sure to update here when I hear anything.  Please do the same.




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@JPacella312 I received a call back on my support ticket yesterday. After describing the issue I was told I would be contacted again, hopefully today. I will update as I receive information. 

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@v-yuta-msft Yes, the members to appear. I have removed and readded to no avail as well.

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I was told a fix was in the works for Friday but now I'm being told Sunday. Does anyone have additional info?

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Whether or not you get the error message seems to depend on how you pull up the report.


Going in directly via a shared link gets you this:



Going in via "Shared with me" gets you this:

Shared with Me.png