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External Guest user cannot access Published App even with correct Pro License assigned

I tried to add and External Guest user via the Azure Active Directory Service. I added a Pro license and could add the user to de App in the Power BI Online service. The user gets an e-mail to go to the app. But when opening Power BI Online in the browser it says: App is not found or user doesn't have the right permission. See video for all the steps I did so maybe you can find out what I'm doing wrong here.


Link to the video:


Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Waldemar de Haas


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Hi @wdehaas,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Please open a IE inprivate mode, then sign in with that external user account in Power BI, copy received email link to access published app in that IE inprivate mode to see if the external user can access the app. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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I tried to access the App via IE in InPrivate mode but the error is the same. (See second screenshot below). So it's not an browser / cookie issue. 


What I can see is that it seems that the Power BI App Service is not connected to the guest user account. And I think normally here I can see the Power BI icon.







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