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Extended Pro Trial Notification that I unfortunately accepted



Some days ago I activated the Extended Pro Trial, valid through May 31, 2018.

Today when I opened my Power BI portal I received a notification "would you like 60 days more for evaluating Power BI PRO?" and I naively pressed "Yes", sure I want 60 days MORE!


But now my trial  has 59 days left, and I understand my old Extended Pro Trial no longer exist.. I will lost my Power BI PRO in december instead of May...


How can I revert my Trial status?

Status: Delivered



According to this document, users that have previously used or are currently on the 60-day in-product Pro trial are still eligible for the Extended Pro Trial.

So you should still be able to active the Extended Pro Trial after 60 days. If cannot at that time, please create a new thread for the issue.


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Status changed to: Delivered