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Exporting visual (in table format) to Excel

I have a visual that is in Table format.  It is relatively wide (maybe 75-100) columns, but the number of rows is only 16k, wll within the limit for exporting to Excel.


In Power BI Service when I choose to export the data to Excel I get no errors but the downloaded spreadhseet only has 4.2k rows.


Why would I not get the full export?  And what Might I try in order to resolve the issue?

Status: Needs Info

@rileypm1 ,

Do you export summarized data or underlying data? Do you apply any filter in the table format?

Could you please share the PBIX file which I can reproduce with? You can upload the PBIX file to Onedrive and post shared link of the file through Private Message.


Status changed to: Needs Info