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Export to PowerPoint using Current Values not working for all users

We have a workspace set up with an associated app, and the Export to PowerPoint using Current Values functionality is not working consistently for all users. So far, we have been unable to identify a common cause across all users:


- Some users that have app-only access can export filtered reports successfully, while some can't

- Some users have had issues in IE, Chrome, and Edge, while others have successfully exported in each of those browsers

- Some users with workspace access cannot export filtered reports, while others can

- We have confirmed that users are selecting Current Values when exporting to PowerPoint and still seeing the unfiltered report upon export


We have confirmed that the reports having issues are set up correctly to allow users to save filters, and have allowed for the export of Summarized and Underlying Data from these reports.


Is there another setting or permissions that could be affecting individual users' ability to export filtered reports to PowerPoint?

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You may check the Limitations.


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@v-chuncz-msft Looking at that list, the only thing that might be relevant to our situation is the final bullet, URL filters aren't currently respected when you choose Current Values for your export. Could you explain this further?


Our issue is that the export feature is working fine for some users, but not for others, when they follow the exact same set of steps with the exact same permissions, so we're looking to learn more about what other factors could be causing this.


I have already experience the same symptoms. Not able to identify the problem. Got exactly the same issue


We have the same issue, mainly the one were users can't export filtered reports. The export works, but the values won't have the filters applied. We're not able to replicate what cause this problem, as it seems random. For the same user it'll work one time and the next might not work without actually changing anything in the report.


any update regarding this?

From my observation problem is in exporting from report in an app as well as from report in a workspace. 

Export to pdf does not work too with current selection. 

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We are still experiencing these issues, with inconsistent results from user to user depending on the report, the filter used, and whether the user is exporting from an app or a workspace. We don't have a suitable solution, which makes it very challenging for our users to utilize these reports. Any update on potential causes, solutions, or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

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According to the Power BI Support page, they're aware of the problem, and a fix is expected on 11/22.