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Export to PDF, Word, PowerPoint via API

Hi all!

1. My customer's needs: multipage reports(10-20-50 tabs). Could I print\export to PDF\World\PowerPoint this reports via API?

2. Could I add my custom styles to PowerBI iframe

3. I have a big report with a scroll bar on the right side. And when I use report.print() I see only one part of my report (like screen browser window). How can I print full report, its possible?

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All supported REST APIs are listed in Power BI REST API reference. As far as I know, there's no APIs for export/print, so far you'll do such operation manually .

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Yes, this would be a feature we currently miss from the PowerBI Rest API. "export report to PDF and/or PPTX".

Any roadmap of PowerBI this would be on ?

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Its on the roadmap for Feb 2020

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