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Export to Excel - Measure Name Displayed instead of Friendly Name

When exporting from a Table in Power BI to Excel, the measure name is returned in the Excel table column header, instead of the friendly name of the column the end user sees in the Power BI report.   However, if you export to csv, the friendly name is returned.  Any way the friendly name could be returned when exporting to Excel? Seems like this might be an oversight, since the measure isn't actually exported to the Excel table, just the value...

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Hello PowerBI Experts

Has any one experienced this or does any one know how to fix it

Q). When I export a table visual from power bi service it brings the measure name with source table name instead of friendly name (Measure Table [Total Sales])

How can I get it to export in the friendly name for the measures ? (Total Sales)

Export Mode: Underlying & Summarized (Excel)
Connection Mode: Live Connection (Tabular)

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I recently had this exact issue - exports the friendly name fine for CSV, but Excel it gives the full name. 


My issue was a standard field, not a measure, but the same could potenitally happen between them both.


I discovered there was another field with the same name being used on the visual - in my case, it was a filter on the table whose native field name was the same as the friendly name i had given one of my columns (this is the one that was showing the full name in the exported table).


Excel exports the data as a table, and shows the applied filters in cell A1. Perhaps this behaviour is linked to exporting the applied filters along with the table columns, and it doesn't like having two fields with the same name?


It might be worth checking if any filters are applied on the table, and maybe page/report?

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@jaws2k @mbahonen @KyleWilliamsBMI @blezin @dianaschnuth 


Hello All,

This issue has been solved, When you're facing this kind of issue with the 'Technical Name' 


Then you must check on the report, Are there any other fields on the report with the same name whatever the field is being exported 


Note: Field names (Measure Or Columns) cant be the same on the report, In the case of when you are going to export (Try it, by changing the field names)



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Somehow this topic still seems not to be solved.

I'm displaying a matrix visual that only contains data from columns, no measures.


All of the columns in the visual have a friendly name, nowhere am I using the original columns name.


Still, when exporting the data to Excel, in some columns I get the original colums name as well as the aggregation method ("Maximum of Column XY").

Very annoying.

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Field names (Measure Or Columns) cant be the same or repetative on the report, In the case of using export (Try it, by changing the field names) Any concerns reach out to me
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Hey @hmalluri ,


thanks for your quick reply. Actually to prevent this I put a table-specific prefix in front of every column in the data model. There are not repetitions of field names whatsoever in the whole data model, believe me 🙂

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@Anonymous So you mean, there is no other fields on your report (slicers, Visulas etc), other than matric visual ?
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@hmalluri well, there's one slicer and one card visual (both have different names) but yes, this is a very stripped down report.

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@hmalluri  @Anonymous  @KyleWilliamsBMI  @jaws2k @mbahonen 

Can you please clarify I do not understand?

You say not to have the same field names (measure or columns) cannot be identical or repetitive on the report,
If I use the same measure in 10 different visuals it will mean making 10 copies of these measures which seems to me unmanageable from a maintenance point of view.