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Export to CSV from service, is converting negative values to text format

When i export the data to csv from desktop, the number formatting is fine.

But the export to csv from the service, is converting negative numbers to text format and the postive numbers are in the number format (both from the same column).

Not sure if it is a bug. 




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Similar issue has been reported: CRI 190384625.


The fix is in pr

I'll take it to shiproom when checked in to move through deployment enviroments.


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Same problem. Negative values are displayed wrong in csv export from Service. From Desktop it is working fine. When will this be fixed? (can't open Visual Studio)

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I'm still having this problem. Negative values are displayed wrong in csv export from Service. When will this be fixed? 

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Same here

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Having the same problem. Export to CSV file in desktop works fine, but in Service there's now showing a ' before each negative number. Generating a CSV file from Service worked fine a month ago.


This needs to be fixed quickly.

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Please fix quickly.  This is causing negative customer experience

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Hi My users are facing the ame issue when they try to export negative numbers from the service to csv files.

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This started for me today after my PowerBI Desktop upgraded itself to Version: 2.82.5858.641 64-bit (June 2020) overnight. This needs to be fixed. It's clearly an introduced bug. Peter

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All export to csv with this issue is causing major failure to loading of those csv into other downstream systems. Can someone please fix this asap.