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Export to CSV from service, is converting negative values to text format

When i export the data to csv from desktop, the number formatting is fine.

But the export to csv from the service, is converting negative numbers to text format and the postive numbers are in the number format (both from the same column).

Not sure if it is a bug. 




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Same problem here. For me it started with June 2020 update in Power BI Desktop. Does anyone know a workaround while this bug is corrected?


Version: 2.82.5858.961 64-bit (junio de 2020)




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For everyone wondering when a fix is coming, 


My experience with the support team and bugs like this is that they wait to roll it out with the next monthly release. Makes sense, since they're on that cadence anyways--why roll out a mid-month update just to hve everyone update to their next release as well? I would bank on them fixing this in the July update, which will likely be either next week or the week after.


This bug was reported in reverse (Service was exporting the apostrphe and not desktop) before the June update, and after the update they seem to have shifted the problem to Desktop somehow.


Of course, it would be nice to hear something from them instead of speculating..

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It's irritating.


A simple workaround is to open the csv file in Excel and then do a find and replace all

Find:  '-

Replace: -


This assumes that there are no text fields are supposed to start with a -


You could do it with your favorite scripting tool if you like.





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Same with @Anonymous . This is very frustrating. The issue still exists in the latest version. Please fix ASAP

Annotation 2020-07-07 162158.jpg

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Can confirm I'm seeing this same problem with June 2020 Desktop release.

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I need help please,

I have this problem whit my calendar I don`t know how fix it! do you have any advance for me ? bug power bi.PNG picture bellow bug pbi.PNG

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I have this issue with just a "-" sign. Negative numbers are OK, but dash alone is preceded with apostrophe when exported to csv. Both in desktop and service.

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This is also happening to me; when the dataset is imported as temp csv to use in an R visualisation 😞