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Export > Analyze in Excel greyed out

Hello - I hope this is posted in the best location.

I have users stating they used to be able to navigate in the web to Power BI reports and then select Export > Analyze in Excel.

Now the Analyze in Excel option is greyed out.


Troubleshooting seems to indicate the Analyze in Excel option is restricted to Admins of the workspace.  I have verified that my tenant settings for Export to Excel are turned on for the entire organization. As are Download Reports and several other download options; there is not a specific option to allow Analyze in Excel (that I can find). 


I cannot find an article outlining the restriction of Export > Analyze in Excel to be for Admins only.


I do find a couple articles that get close:


Can anyone provide clarity or an article that outlines requirements/access levels for Analyze in Excel or any article explaining why this option is greyed out for workspace viewers?  


thanks in advance...


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First, the "Analyze in Excel" feature require both options(Export data and Analyze in Excel) to be enabled.

Please make sure below options are enabled in admin portal:




Second, please check:

  • Some organizations may have Group Policy rules that prevent installing the required Analyze in Excel updates to Excel. If you’re unable to install the updates, check with your administrator.
  • Analyze in Excel requires that the dataset be in Power BI Premium or that the user have a Power BI Pro license. To learn more about the differences in functionality between license types, take a look at the Power BI features comparison section of Power BI pricing.
  • Users can connect to datasets through Analyze in Excel if they have permission for the underlying dataset. A user could have this permission in a few ways, such as having the Member role in the workspace containing the dataset, or having Build permission for a dataset in a workspace or in an app that contains the dataset. Read more about Build permission for datasets.




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Thank you for your response -- and also, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Your information helped me to verify that users in our environment must be Contributors in order to "Export > Anayze in Excel"