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Export PowerPoint Blank Slides Problem



I tried to export to PowerPoint but it created blank slides. I can export to PowerPoint by using existing examples created by Power BI itself. However, for my own report, I could not export.



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It is due to an outage. Check It will be back when Microsoft applies a patch, hopefully, in a day or two.


" Support | Microsoft Power BI

A product issue is affecting Export to PowerPoint (preview) from functioning correctly. Newly created or newly saved reports result in a blank page when using the Export to PowerPoint (preview) capability. The Power BI team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. @03/10/17 17:00 PST.


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This issue should has already been fixed now. Please check it again.


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It dosen't work - I still get blank pages when trying til export a report to power-point. 

Do I need to update something?


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I still get blank pages - this is not fixed. Help!

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Same here. Power BI is virtually useless to us if we can't export to PPT. Please fix ASAP




Same here, I still get blank PPTs.


if we can't export to slides powerBI is useless.

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Hi All,


I find that same issue has been reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 33019187

I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


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thanks. please keep us posted.


it has crippled our workflow because we depend on disseminating performance KPIs through PPTs to various levels of the organisation and we now face a huge overhead of taking schreenshots and doing patchworks in PPT.


Experienced this issue at a customer yesterday (14-3).

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