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Export Data & RLS - No Data in file

Having an issue with users trying to export data to Excel/CSV.  


I'm the producer of the content.  The users see their own data based on Row-Level Security.  When they click Export --> Export Summarized Data, they get an empty file with Headers and applied filters, but no data.  


Not all users have this issue... maybe about half.  Some have been able to export with no problems.


Strangely, when they share their screen with me via Skype, I take control of the screen remotely, and the data export works just fine.  


Has anyone else had this issue?  Any ideas?  We'll be doing this process regularly, so would be nice to find a fix.  



Status: Delivered



I tested several times on my side but cannot repro the same issue as you. I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).


Support Ticket.gif


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Status changed to: Delivered