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Export Data after Filtering visual using Legend exporting too many results

When a Graph Visual is filtered based on its own Legend and the data is exported, all results are returned in the export instead of just those values associated with the selected legend selection.  Is this the expected behavior? 
   It is not intuitive for our end users that the other visuals on the report page which are crossfiltered by the legend do export as expected (filtered down to the single legend selection), but the visual the legend is actually on remains un-filtered in export
   We realize that if a slicer is added to the report page, this can be used to properly filter the graph in question, however this is not desired - our client would prefer to rely on the crossfiltering provided by the legend to filter all the visuals on the page, including the visual the legend is on.
  We appreciate your help!

Status: Delivered


This is an expected behavior. For the graph itself, when you directly click on its own legend, it is a highlight behavior but not a filter behavior. 

Also assume that you click "Highlight" for the pie chart below, when you click a legend on the column chart and export data from pie chart, you will find that all data of the pie chart will be exported. This highlight behavior is similar like that highlight in column chart. Thus, when you directly click on the legend, the column chart is highlighted but not filtered, and you will see all data of the column chart when you export.


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