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Export Data From Embedded report not working

We often embed Power Bi reports from one app into the app of a different workspace, as it means we do not have to duplicate the report to have it in 2 different apps.


When you go to export data out of the visuals it appears to work and you get the success message but no file is ever produced. You can successfully export data from the embed link url but not from the report where it is actually embedded in Power BI. 



'Sample Report' - report and dataset live in the workspace and app 'A'. 'Sample Report' is then embedded (using the app 'Embed report' - 'Website or portal' link) into the App of 'B'





It appears as though the data can be exported:



But no file is ever downloaded. I believe this may be an issue with the new app navigation rather than the embedded report itself due to the fact that I can download data from the embed link when it's not in the new app navigation.



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Community Support

Hi @roselilly23 ,

Have reproduced it in my side as far as my test.

I found that when the link section open in 'Coneten area', although it would remind export success, actually when open F12 to check, it has been disallowed due to the framework:



Currently as a workaround, you can change the 'open in' section to 'Current tab' or 'New tab' which could be exported data successfully and download data.



I will sumbit this issue internal to check(ICM:252824185) and would update here as soon as possible if there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Advocate IV

Hi @v-yingjl ,


Thanks for your reply. It would be good to have this fixed as it makes for a seamless user experience but in the meantime we can use the workaround. I look forward to hearing your feedback from internal.




Advocate IV

@v-yingjl is there any update an a resolution?