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Existing VISUALIZATIONS fail to load on

Existing visuals

My client has been using this report for months on and today reported 3 visualization could not be loaded.  these visualizations have been working for several months without fail.

the measures work with Power BI Desktop just will NOT render on

All other reports with the same Enterprise Gateway are working.


RCA Steps:

1. delete and publish dataset

2. adjust dax formulas -- replace 'Divide' with '/'

3. fully qualify fields within measures "Table[Credit Limit]"

4. conducted a peer review who confirmed the measures no longer work on



Details error:

Couldn't load the data for this visual

Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID33401b52-8063-91ea-f4c5-1b0e3ce961f5
Request ID1f51c9d7-4a62-1053-eac3-85cf6e4db325
Correlation ID2772c86f-8a55-c7a8-472d-9e9154b72343
TimeTue Nov 29 2016 11:33:23 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
Cluster URI


Direct Query: Azure Database


Measure displays the percentage of AR with Credit limit coveragePerwCL.png
% of Total = Sum(Table[ARofCL])/Sum(Table[Total_AR]) -- Divide AR with Credit limit by Total AR
ARofCL = Table[ISManaged]*Table[Total_AR] -- Calculate amount of AR with Credit limit
ISManaged = IF(Table[CreditLimit]>0,1,0) -- flag records with Credit Limit > 0



Status: Delivered

Broken visual.pngVisual on

Hi Power BI Support, any guidance on how to work around this issue with Power ?

% of Total Visual fails to render the percentage value,  see details above

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The measure formulas should be right since the visuals display correctly in Power BI Desktop. I tried to get data from Azure Database with DirectQuery and create a measure with similar formula as yours, but cannot repro the issue after publish to Power BI Service.

BTW, if you are using Direct Query to Azure Database, no gateway should be needed as below.

I suggest you to create support ticket at (see bottom of page) since it may be tenant or account specific.


Existing VISUALIZATIONS fail to load on PowerBi.com_1.jpgExisting VISUALIZATIONS fail to load on PowerBi.com_2.jpg


Best Regards,


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Status changed to: Delivered

Herbert thanks for checking - I have opened a ticket and will post the resolution